Families with their pets

Pets are just as much part of the family, so why not include them in your portraits?

What happens on a family photoshoot?

I find photo shoots work best if I can get to know your family beforehand.  Once you book your date, I’ll send you a form to fill in so you can tell me all about your family.  Then, a week or so before your photo shoot, we’ll chat over the phone and finalise all the details, including the location, what to wear, what to bring etc.  I’ll answer any questions you have about the day, and find out lots about you and your children, to make sure you have a fun and relaxed session.

Where will my shoot take place?Cambridge family photographer

Often, my clients choose to start their photo shoot at home, usually in the garden.  Then we may head out for a walk or to a local place they love to spend time together.  Don’t worry if you think your garden isn’t suitable, or if you don’t know any great locations nearby.  I can discuss the possibilities for locations in your area and we can come up with something suitable together.

What if my children don’t behave?

I’ve been a Cambridge family photographer for over 5 years now, and no family is perfect.  The best thing to do is relax and let them be themselves.  They don’t have to ‘perform’ or ‘pose’ for my camera.  I’m completely used to children not standing still, refusing to smile, or even look at me!  But please don’t worry – its perfectly normal… and if you can relax and let me interact with them, I’ll play a few games, and have everybody smiling again before you know it!

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