I’m working with a group of tallented photographers on the #collaborationnotcompetition project which is organised by Nina Mace Photography.  We will all share a recent favourite image, every month, around a certain theme.  This month’s photography inspiration theme is SUMMER HOLIDAYS.

I am a family photographer based near Cambridge.  SUMMER HOLIDAYS, is the theme for this month’s photography inspiration blog post.  Therefore, I want to share some of my own family photographs from the school summer holidays.

I’ve tried hard to document my family over the last couple of months.  Just as they are.  Warts and all!  We’ve tried to avoid the more traditional posed photographs.  Instead I opted for ‘capturing the moment’ because capturing a true record of our family just as they are was important.

How to photograph the summer holidays

I soon realised that I needed to have my camera on hand and easily accessible to do this.  It’s impossible to capture anything if you have to run to the spare room cupboard to get your camera every time you want to take a photo.  You’ve missed the moment.  So I made sure I left my camera on the kitchen counter everyday.   This meant I could grab a shot of the kids easily if I wanted to.

It was also hard to stop myself offering direction too!  Trying desperately hard not to utter the words “just move over to the left a bit into that gorgeous light” became a daily trial!  But it paid off, and I managed to capture a fantastic record of our summer together.

Of course there are pictures of our days out, holidays and special occasions like every summer.  But I also managed to photograph ‘the everyday’.  This included hanging at home, daily rituals and down time.  And every now and then, I got in the frame too.  I don’t want them to look back and not see me present with them!


Louisa Williams is a family photographer based near Cambridge.  You can find out more about her family photoshoots here or email  Louisa also offers beginner’s photography tuition for parents.   More information on individual teaching sessions can be found here.


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