Personal Branding photography is a set of lifestyle shots featuring you and you business…

and YES it certainly will help grow your business and your client base!

Ashely, Yoga Instructor



1 – First Impressions

People often make their purchasing decisions based on a first impression – much like eating, we tend to shop with our eyes.  And making a choice to buy a product or service is often emotional rather than practical!  First impressions count, so having a set of customised personal branding photography for your business can make a huge impact and really affect your bottom line!  Personal branding photography is about marketing YOU!

2 – Trust Personal Branding photography

Personalising your business with photographs of you creates trust.  After all, YOU are your business! And people do business with PEOPLE, not businesses!  They want to see the person behind the brand.  Potential clients are far more like to spend money with you if they can see the real live person running the show.  You want people to know what it feels like to work with you, before they’ve even spoken to you. It’s all about being visible and putting yourself at the forefront of your business.

3 – Customised content

Custom photography is a huge asset!  Having a library of personalised photographs relevant to you and your brand will save you time and money in the long term.  No more hours wasted trawling through stock photos trying to find something to post.

Useable and relevant photography for content across your social media feeds, website, email newsletters, flyers and other marketing communications is essential for your brand identity.  I know it’s daunting to get behind a camera… I’ve not met many people who relish it! And I know it’s scary to show yourself on social media and your website.  But it really will pay off for your brand in the long term.

4 – Personal connection

“So why can’t I use stock photography?”  I hear you shout.  Of course you can.  Lots of businesses rely on it.  But what happens when your competitor use the same stock photos?  Nightmare!  Now your brand is no longer unique.  Personal branding photography is an investment.  But it really will show your potential clients who you are.  It tells the story of your business and what its like to work with you.

5 – Quality Personal Branding photography

A set of professionally taken photographs, customised to your business, coveys quality.  It shouts to potential customers that you value quality in your brand and offer quality to your clients.  It will help you be more confident in your brand, charge what you’re worth, and even raise your rates!



If you’re interested in having some personal branding photography taken for you and your business, you can find out more here.

Louisa Williams is a photographer based near Cambridge.  If you’re interested in a Personal Branding or Commercial photo shoot, you can find more details about her sessions here  or email louisafrenchphotography@gmail.com.  Louisa also offers family photoshoots.   More on these can be found here.


Louisa French Photography

Cambridge Photographer


summer family photo shoot

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