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Photogrphy Course Cambridge –

Are you a parent that owns an expensive digital camera but doesn’t know how to use it?  Do you turn it to ‘auto’ mode, and are frustrated that your photographs aren’t what you hoped from such a great camera? Perhaps you end up reaching for your phone as its so much easier?

Well, why not book a two-hour private lesson with me and learn to take fabulous photos every time?

In my two-hour private photography lessons, I’ll teach you both technical and creative aspects of photography.  Revolutionise your photography skills by spending just two hours learning the basics of how to work your camera settings.  Gain the skills you need to take great shots on holidays, birthdays, weekend walks in the countryside and just playing around at home. Learn about what makes a great photograph, composition and framing, and understanding light and how it affects your pictures.


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“My lesson with Louisa was brilliant and I feel so much more confient about using my camera.  She gave so many practical tips and I can’t wait to put it all into practise!”

–  Zoe, Cambridge  –

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About your trainer

I’m Louisa, and I’m a professional portrait photographer. photography course Cambridge

As a teenager I started a collection of Vogue magazines because I adored the stunning fashion photography – and I’m still adding to that collection today!

I first picked up a DSLR camera when my daughter was born in 2008, and quickly became obsessed with how to get better results.  I set up my business in 2015, and since then, I have photographed hundreds of families, children and small businesses in and around Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

As a parent myself, I know what its like to buy an expensive camera and feel frustrated when you’re not getting the wonderful images of your children you hoped for.  Let me help you understand how your DSLR camera works, how to get the most out of it, and how to achieve stunning results!



So what will we cover during your lesson?

Getting out of ‘Auto’ mode

A simple guide to how your camera works.  We’ll breakdown the terminology and learn about ISO, aperture, shutter speed and white balance. Explore your camera’s modes and why you should stop using AUTO.

Understanding light – the good, the bad and the ugly! 

Discover how light (and lack of it) affects your photographs.  Learn how to recognise the good and bad types of light and how to shoot in various light conditions.

Capturing real emotion

 Get rid of the fake camera smiles in your family photographs and learn how to capture real moments and genuine emotion when photographing your children.

Avoiding blurry photographs

 Understand the main reasons why your photograph turn out blurry, and how to make sure they are really sharp every time.

Aperture Priority mode

 How to achieve those beautiful blurry backgrounds.  Understand how using Aperture Priority mode can help make the most of the camera you have.

Composition and creativity

 How to turn everyday snapshots into extraordinary photos.  Learn about composition, perspective and how to look at framing a little differently!

So how much is a photography lesson and what’s included?


Individual photography lessons are an all-inclusive price of £199 and are tailored towards teaching parents to capture better family and child portraits.  The fee covers two hours of private tuition, tailored to your level and requirements as well as travel within a 20 mile radius of CB89SQ.

Private Photography Lesson £199


  • Planning phone call beforehand to determine your current skills set and aims of the lesson.
  • 2 hours private tuition at your home or mutually agreeable location
  • Travel within a 20 mile radius of CB89SQ
  • Post lesson support, feedback and critique of images if required.

“Louisa is the most amazing family photographer and has taken wonderful photos of my children.  I highly recommend Louisa’s lessons for parents.  I learnt a huge amount about using my Digital SLR and have really enjoyed putting it all into practise.”


Claire – Newmarket

“I booked a beginner’s photography lesson with Louisa.  She really is a pro, sharing her knowledge really effectively and enabling me to feel confident to compose a good photograph.   I would highly recommend Louisa’s lessons!”


Sarah – Cambridge

“I had a wonderful morning learning how my camera works and the basics of taking a good photo. Louisa was friendly, welcoming and provided so much help both before and during the lesson. If you have an interest in photography but don’t know where to start then I would highly recommend Louisa’s beginners sessions


Hannah – Saffron Walden


Book a photography lesson


So now you’re ready to book an individual photography lesson or maybe you have a few more questions?  Simply drop me a note on or fill in your details below to enquire about dates and availability.


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Your Questions Answered

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How far in advance do I have to book?

This depends on the time of year and whether you need a weekday or a weekend date.  During my busy season (April-November) weekdays book up around 3-4 weeks in advance and weekends around 3-4 months in advance.

How do I book?

Just fill in your details on the form at the bottom of this page, or drop an email to and we can start planning your perfect lesson!

Where will the lesson take place?

The location will be tailored to your needs.  I usually suggest starting at your home, where we can practise photographing your own children and family.  We may also head out for a walk or to the park – something typical your children enjoy – allowing you to practise your photography skills!

What should we bring with me?

Your DSLR camera with a fully charged batter and an empty memory card with sufficient space to shoot lots of practise photographs.

What if it rains?

The weather doesn’t matter.  If it rains, we will conduct your lesson entirely indoors.

Do you teach landscape / still life / architectural photography skills?

My area of expertise is definitely people and portraits, and as such, a lesson with me will focus mostly on this genre of photography.  That said, if you are a complete beginner and are looking to acheive a basic skill level with an entrey DSLR, a lesson would still benefit you, no matter what genre of photogaphy you are ultimately interested in.

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