I’m working with a group of tallented photographers on the #collaborationnotcompetition project which is organised by Nina Mace Photography.  We will all share a recent favourite image, every month, around a certain theme.  This month’s photography inspiration theme is FAMILY.

I am a family photographer based near Cambridge.  FAMILY, is this month’s photography inspiration blog post theme.  Therefore, I want to share some images from a recent extended family shoot I did. 

The family booked this shoot for the grandparents’ birthday present.  They all live in different parts of the UK, but would be spending a week on holiday together in Norfolk.  As a result, they asked if I could come and take some family photographs at their holiday house.

I spent some time at the beginning of the session taking shots of the whole family group.  Next I took the individual family shots, followed by some shots of all the children together.  After that, everybody relaxed and we had a bit of fun.   Everybody played hide and seek as well as chasing games. This gave me a chance to grab a good selection of shots of the whole family enjoying precious time together.

Enjoying time with family and friends is precious, and lots of people are booking extended family photo shoots to capture these special memories.  I find they are usually booked as a present for a grandparent’s birthday.  This is a great way of having some professional family photographs taken and sharing the cost between the whole family.



Louisa Williams is a family photographer based near Cambridge.  You can find more details about her extended family photoshoots here  or email  Louisa also offers beginner’s photography tuition for parents.   More information on individual teaching sessions can be found here.


Louisa French Photography

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