It’s hard not to notice the beautiful blossom and colours of Spring bursting out all over Cambridge during the last few weeks.  So I’ve been taking it all in as I’ve been going about my daily routines.  I’ve made a mental note to take notice of the colours, textures, locations and light throughout the city and its plethora of green spaces.  It’s given me some great Spring Photography Inspiration which I’d like to share with you.  Check out my favourite Spring image I’ve taken so far this year. as a Cambridge Photographer.

Girl photographed in the cherry blossom at the Botanical Garden in Cambridge

Spring Photography in Cambridge

 This image was taken in March during a family outing to the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens.  It’s the famous and beautiful cherry blossom tree on the main lawn.  At this time of year it’s heavily laden and full with blossom.  I grabbed the opportunity to get a shot.  It was around 2.00pm on a bright sunny day, so I had to play around with positioning and angles to get the light correct.  I wanted the light behind her but with enough to still light her face.  We needed the backdrop to be blossom, and not branches!  So I tried a couple of different spots before we found the perfect one!

Capturing the image

The photo was taken on my Canon 5D mark iii with a 135mm lens.  It was shot at F2.0 to get the beautiful blurry background.  The ISO was 200 and shutter speed 1/1600th.  I particularly like her wistful expression and how the breeze has caught her hair gently.  It seems to fit with the pale pastel colours of the image, giving the picture a very calm feel to it.



Louisa Williams is a family photographer based near Cambridge and working throughout the surrounding areas.  If you’d like some beautiful family portraits, you can find more details about her family sessions here.  Ready to book and want to secure your session date?  Please drop an email to louisafrenchphotography@gmail.com.

Louisa also offers beginner’s photography tuition for parents.  Learn how to use your Digital SLR camera to take better photos of your children and family.  More information on individual teaching sessions can be found here.


Louisa French Photography

Cambridge Photographer


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