photographer, Cambridge

I’m a children’s photographer working throughout Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.  Sometimes…. when I’ve been working loads… the last thing I feel like doing is photographing my own children.  Especially as they tend towards a behaviour called “photographer’s child disorder” whereby they’ve been practised on and photographed so much, they are now incapable of behaving normally in front of my camera!

But today was different.  I took some shots… just for me…

Childhood memories

We hung out with great friends and played in the fields.  Despite the workload I have piled up, I remembered how important it is to document the small everyday things I don’t want to forget once they’re grown up… like playing hide-and-seek in the long grass, and running in the late afternoon sunlight.

While some of these photographs may not go up on my wall, they’ll certainly make it into my albums.  Then for years to come I will remember how her hair was wild and unruly and caught the sunlight beautifully, and how he was always smiley with his hands and face grubby from playing outside all day.

photographer, Cambridge

Louisa Williams is a family and children’s photographer based near Cambridge and working throughout Cambridgeshire, Suffolk  and the surrounding areas.  You can see more of her current work and enquire about commissions here and can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  Gift vouchers for family and children’s photography sessions are available from £49.  Click here for more information.

You can find out more about Louisa French Photography’s products and package here.
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