A Beautiful Backdrop For A Family Photo Shoot

Cambridge city centre is certainly beautiful by any standards! Its an ancient historic city brimming with beautiful architecture and glorious green spaces for instance.  In addition, it boasts proud Colleges steeped in history and tradition, the winding River Cam and lots of tiny hidden streets and passageways.

I’m a family photographer living near this amazing city.  Most of my work is set in the rural Cambridgeshire countryside, but, every once in a while, a family chooses Cambridge city centre for the backdrop to their portraits… and what an amazing backdrop it is!

Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre

The city of Cambridge is so diverse because of its architecture and green spaces.  This means that there is huge scope for a family photo shoot.  Firstly, if cobbled streets and ancient architecture are your thing, we can find it.  Secondly, if grand buildings and formal colleges are your thing, we can find that too.  And thirdly, if green spaces and lazing by the river are your thing, there’s plenty of that available!

I always get to know a family before their shoot and find out a little bit about them and what they like to do.  This enables me to plan a route around the city together with them beforehand for instance.  In other words, we can take in the places they enjoy spending time, or want to use for their shoot.  If they are relaxed and enjoying the session, as a result, I can capture honest emotional photos of them enjoying time together and showing the special bonds they share.

Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre
Cambridge city centre


My favourite Cambridge city centre locations


In the heart of Cambridge’s historic colleges.


Viewed from the Backs


With its huge collections of bikes and posters

Why does Cambridge look so quiet in your photos?

This is because I ALWAYS schedule central Cambridge shoots early in the morning.  In the summer months, when the light allows, we start around 7.00am and in the Winter, no later than 8.00pm.  This is essential, because these popular locations fill up with students and sight-seers therefore making a photo shoot impossible.

Can we go into the colleges and their grounds?

Generally speaking this is not possible, because most colleges only allow photo shoots in and around public access areas.  Special permission is needed to shoot within college grounds and therefore a liscence must be applied for beforehand.  However, if you have a link with a specific college, in other words, if you are an allumni or are holding an event there, occassionaly access for a photo shoot is possible.

Is a Cambridge city centre shoot suitable for young children??

Yes it is!  So long as you are happy with a very early morning start!  We would start shooting around 7.00am and be finished by 9.00am and as a result avoid crowds of students and sight-seers.  Cambridge has many pedestrianised areas and lots of wide open green spaces therefore making it suitable for children and families to enjoy.

How can I enquire about booking a family photo shoot?

You can find out lots of information about my family photo shoots including prices and packages here.  Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or would like to enquire about available dates at

Cambridge city centre


Wow!  Stunningly beautiful photographs capturing a moment in time for our family!  It was such a relaxed and fun shoot that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you.


Louisa French Photography

Cambridge Photographer